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SpaceControl GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2003 and is based in the technology Park Seefeld, Germany, on the outskirts of Munich. our US headquarters are located in New Castle, Colorado, USA.

SpaceControl develops, produces and markets optoelectronic sensors and 3D navigation devices. Originating Robotics and Space Research, this core optoelectronic sensor technology is incorporated into all products SpaceControl develops. As early as 1992 an optoelectronic sensor, (SpaceControl's technology advanced version of this early sensor) was used to operate the Robotic Arm on the Space Shuttle. This pioneering achievement was the starting point for further use of optoelectronic sensors and navigation devices for numerous industrial and commercial applications. The technology used a patented optical measuring system (track alignment system) that provided non-wearing operation, a previously unattainable high level of resolution and simultaneous 6-degree of freedom spatial control.

Today SpaceControl's sensor technology can be found in all areas of industry. It enables the user to intuitively and easily control complex movements in all desired directions. SpaceControl's unique advantage lies in our extensive knowledge of the core optoelectronic sensor technology and the ability to customize the technical parameters, performance and output of the sensor to meet the expectations of our customer's specific application requirements.

If you are seeking a flexible, durable and customizable human-machine interface solution, please contact us so that we may define a custom interface solution to meet your needs.


SpaceControl GmbH & Co. KG 
Am Technologiepark 10
D-82229 Seefeld

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