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ATT Advanced Temperature Test Systems GmbH

The company 'ATT' is one of the world's leading manufacturers of test apparatus for temperature-dependent measurement systems used in the production of electronic semiconductors.
Ultimate control of temperature accuracy at a combined with a flexible modular electronic framework are some of the key features of this development.

3B Scientific GmbH


The birth simulator trains prospective and experienced physicians in the identification of the right position of a vaginal operative birth and in the practice of using medical instruments. It is unique in its closeness to reality. Not only the sound of breathing and the sensation of pain from the mother, but also the haptic correspond to a real life situation, therefore enabling an instrumental performed delivery in a medically correct way.
The complete construction of the mechanic as well as the electronic and the sensor were part of the development project initiated by 3B Scientific GmbH.
The birth simulator was presented to the public in November 2007 at the.


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