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ISD (Industrial Steering Device)

The ISD, also known as ErgoCommander* or RoboCommander*, is an industrial 3-dimensional steering device that is based on a non-wearing opto-electronic measurement system.

This measurement system is unaffected by temperature, contamination, component deterioration and tolerance, which provides robust, durable and consistent operation and is ideally suited for use in industrial applications. The ISD enables an user to intuitively, effectively and simply control complex movements in 6-DOF (degrees of freedom) simultaneously.

The ISD can be customized to meet application specific control technical specifications and can also be enclosed by a variety of housings. On request from the user, the device can also be fitted with . The breadth of application scope for the ISD is considerably large. According to the respective technical specification, the ISD are sold under the trademarks Ergo-Commander or RoboCommander.

SpaceControl's experienced development team is at your disposal during the integration of an ISD to meet the requirements of your application.


Watch the ISD in an example application.

* ErgoCommander and RoboCommander are registered trademarks of SpaceControl GmbH


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