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Kuka Roboter GmbH for RoboCommander

Control Panel der Kuka-Gruppe

The illustration shows a Control Panel from the Kuka Group. The Kuka Group is one of the leading suppliers to the Robotic Industry. The Control Panel is used to teach, operate and control the robot and provides an intuitive human-machine interface. The Control Panel uses SpaceControl's Industrial Steering Device (ISD) which enables the robotic arm to move intuitively in all 6 degrees of freedom simultaneously.

Trumpf Business Area Lastertechnic for ErgoCommander

Laser und Lasersysteme ist TRUMPF

TRUMPF is the technology leader in the field of industrial laser and laser systems, internationally. SpaceControl supplies an Industrial Steering Device (ISD) to provide the intuitive human-machine control for 3D Laser processing of the TruLaser Cell Series 7000.

TopCut GmbH Cutting Room Technology for ErgoCommander

TopCut develops and sells CAM Multifunction Cutters, Material Feeding Systems, CAD/CAM Software and other solutions to the automated cutting industry.  SpaceControl developed a cordless 3D control input device

Kugler GmbH for ErgoCommander

KUGLER, from Salem, has over 20 years experience manufacturing high-precision, air and hydrostatic supported micro-processing machines, which rank amongst the best in the world. The pictured operating panel incorporates SpaceControl's Industrial Steering Device (ISD).  The ISD intuitively controls the motional axes of these high- precision machines.

Reis Robotics for RoboCommander

Reis Robotics is a technology leader in the field of robotics technology and robotic system integration. The illustration shows the robotic controller, ROBOTstar, using a SpaceControl Industrial Steering Device (ISD) that provides an intuitive human-machine interface to guide and teach the robot for quick and accurate control of the robot position.

Kolb Technology for ErgoCommander

Kolb, for over 100 years, has produced materials and solutions for creative designer. With 'StudioLine', Kolb offers an integrated solution for in-studio model making (measurement, scanning and milling) which considerably simplifies the sequence of operations. SpaceControl's ISD technology helps with manual styling, by enabling an intuitive, fluid human-machine interface with the high performance clay milling machine and the CNC controlled digitizer.


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